3G Treatment is a concept project founded in 1982 by Eddie Capone, focussing on the development of new music and production. What makes us unique is not only do we champion collaboration between different multidisciplinary artists, but we bring together three generations of people to establish life-long connections within local communities. Because of this, we ensure younger artists are nurtured by the expertise and experience of their elders to ensure successful careers.

As well as being a record label, a source of distribution and publication for artists, 3G has also hosted various events with a global impact. Our collective has performed at venues such as Upstairs at The Ritzy, Brixton, as well as The Amersham Arms and The New Cross Inn in the borough of Lewisham. Furthermore, our online presence has hit audiences in every continent on the globe in more recent virtual projects.

Our first event for this year: Redemption Festival is all about the hunger, the thirst, and the resilience these artists display a year into the global pandemic. We give a more personal taste of our hand selected artists that are featured and how they continue to thrive as artists, even in lockdown!

Enjoy a diverse range of family friendly music that spans across genre and generations of artists. Simply tune into our YouTube Channel on the 20th March 2021. The show starts at 6pm to not miss any of the talent we have in store!