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Dahoodi X Klastro - Revolver

Ever wondered what it sounds like to have two mixed heritage artists blend their already experimental genres together? Take a listen to this bold and moody track recently released by Dahoodi and Klastro 'Revolver'.

This deeply emotive sound will leave you stirring: evoking the feeling of entrapment in a toxic relationship. We love the collaborative efforts made here, this track resonates widely with people and sits in a fusion coming from Trap, Rock, Cloud-Rap, and now ultimately swinging towards Alt Hip-hop.

The two artists met at a musical jam and instantly knew their diversity, musical and artistic sound would compliment each other. Dahoodi is Brazilian born (Arabic/Italian), raps in English, not his native language; who blends his lyrics with London born Klastro (Mixed/Irish heritage), who is mainly a spoken word artist also crossing into voiceover and singing work.

The words flow and are poetic, however still with a complex layering. The metaphor here of the 'Revolver' has a bold part to play in the emotive arrangement, juxtaposed to the wavy style they naturally present as artists. The duo were influenced by Post Malone, however also unintentionally stumbled across creative processes similar to Linkin Park, Juice WLD, Bladee and even Eminem.

This type of song and collaboration with how it's been crafted and arranged is almost unheard of at the moment! They've created something quite remarkable, however still dark and stormy throughout.

Listen to the track HERE!

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