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DJ LoveLee & Aarrisonn Drops A Classic B2B Mix

DJ LoveLee & Aarrisonn Dropped A Classic B2B Mix last month April 2022 titled "From A Room In London"

DJ LoveLee from London is known for her House and Disco mixes and live performances. She's definitely a force in the music industry since making her first debuts at London Fashion Week and 3G Treatment and Friends "Proud To Be" for Black History Month.

You can catch her next live set with The Cocoa Butter Club at Dalston Superstore on 7th May 2022.

Both artists collaboration come naturally, they both respect timeless music that has a universal sound. As individual artists, they practise using music to enhance higher vibrations sonically, sounds that people can appreciate together and heal.

'Just mixing it up to create one hell of a sound. These are global sounds that we have grown to love and continue to enjoy! A melting pot from all corners of the globe. Its all about freedom, healing and letting go.' DJ LoveLee

Look out for more from these artists in the future, the best way to find their next lives is to follow their socials! Let us know in the comments what you think of the sound.

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