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Eddie Capone's Charity Walk

Eddie Capone CC, is a veteran, and is planning a sponsored walk commencing 1 April 2021 to raise funds in memory of the 14 young people who lost their lives in the New Cross fire in January 1981. The purpose of this walk is to raise one million pounds to create an Arts and Culture centre as a lasting memorial for the victims and their loved ones. To this day, the cause of the devastating fire remains unknown. Eddie believes we can create some value out of this disaster by turning poison into medicine, in having a lasting memorial to which young people who are interested in the Arts can develop their talent.

The 300 mile walk across 30 days will climax with a virtual benefit concert on May 23rd 2021, the same date as the one we had in 1981 at the Lewisham Theatre. Many of the sponsors and artists are no longer with us, but Eddie is hoping those who are will once again show their support. World renowned Jimmy Lindsay who performed at the original event is willing to contribute his musical performance. Having contacted some of the artists from the first time, Eddie hopes others will contribute again, alongside new artists who support the cause. To this aim Eddie is seeking your support.

His walk will be a great challenge as he has just recently come out of hospital and is still recovering from Coronavirus. He is determined to do this, and he draws his inspiration from Captain Sir Thomas Moore, he will be walking in his footsteps from one veteran to another.

At present Eddie has the backing of several friends and people in his community, as well as his local MP Vicky Foxcroft. Furthermore, the prospects of this project have wholesomely inspired support from Unite the Union as well. We show great appreciation towards Sainsbury’s who have granted permission to complete the walk on their premises.

‘I would like this walk to be an inspiration to the Black and ethnic Communities, some of whom are having difficulties getting access to the vaccine, and dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. I had mine on the 4th February and I am still standing. I would like to give a big thank you to Lewisham Hospital for the care they gave me for me to be able to continue making use of my life in creating value.’ Eddie Capone, 2021

Be sure to check out our Facebook event for this project! Join Eddie on his walk, or donate to the cause.


Contact Eddie HERE to sponsor the project or give him an interview!

Eddie Capone PR 2021
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3G Treatment PR 2021
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