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Femme Fatale

International rising star Eve Yasmine makes her mark to celebrate divine female energy in her debut EP, 'Femme Fatale'. The dreamy project highlights innovative themes of romanticism, woman empowerment and nodes to classical figures like Jessica Rabbit. Out on ALL music platforms since September 13th 2020!

Artwork by Hout KOV

Ms Yasmine is no stranger to travelling across the globe so it only made sense that she took to the city of light for the full video 'Femme Fatale' in Paris, directed and filmed by Mal Visuals. Her style and specialism in songwriting has only made us want more; she is one of the only pioneers of multilingual music hitting here in the UK. A revitalising mix of R&B and Pop to dress this 007/James Bond inspired aesthetic, with a sexy french twist!

We recently have heard her sultry tone in previous tracks Glow Up and Wild Run that are also part of the EP, and left us on edge for this final release. Her latest track 'Femme Fatale' shows her continuing partnership with Producer S.B.O and E11 studios who brought this masterpiece to life!

However, her influence doesn't stop there! Behind the scenes of being a bold, majestic bond girl she even made time to songwrite for other local Paris artists.

We are so proud to have had Eve Yasmine perform with the Malikas at one of our 3G Treatment events, and since we have only seen you and your team grow! We can't wait to see what rabbit you pull out of the hat next , but for now Jessica Rabbit is giving us starry-eyes.

Check out Eve Yasmine on socials and follow her journey @eveyasmine and check out the EP Femme Fatale on ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS NOW!

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