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Hoedspruit resident [south africa] finds pride of lions on his doorstep! [video]

A Hoedspruit-based businessman has uploaded an early contender for viral video of the year, after returning to his father’s house and finding some uninvited guests outside.

David de Beer is the owner of Davon Construction. He captured the breath taking footage, and uploaded it Facebook earlier this week.

He posted a very tongue-in-cheek caption, showing remarkable calm for a man who now has to explain to some of the deadliest predators on the planet that they are in contravention of Level 3 lockdown laws.

The lazing lions can be seen sleeping, grooming, and patrolling on the porch. The only thing separating them from the human inside the house is a glass door. Thankfully, once the lions clock that they’ve got company, they decide to keep themselves to themselves.

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