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Hundreds raised for rescuers who pulled injured explorer out of caves after 54 hours

A friend of an injured caver, who went stranded underground for two days, has talked of the relief she felt following his rescue mission as hundreds have been raised for the rescue group who saved him.

George Linnane from Bristol, fell while caving in the Brecon Beacons on Saturday, November 6.

Around 250 people from all around the UK were involved in the delicate operation to free the caver, who was said to be fit and experienced, from the caving complex in the Brecon Beacons that stretched more than 30 miles.

The rescue was one of the UK's longest cave rescue operations and friends and family have donated hundreds to the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team who brought him out.

Speaking to BBC Radio Bristol , she said: "We received a text message on Saturday afternoon, when we came out of our own caving trip to say a rescue was taking place in south Wales and then a few personal messages came through to say who the casualty was and could we make our way up there so we did.

"It was incredibly organised, so many people came to help out and as people were arriving it transpired that the rescue was going to be a very long rescue and quite a serious undertaking.

"I initially went into the cave at 6am on Sunday morning for a 13-hour shift, carrying in rescue kit, then I moved on to the stretcher and then onto communications with the surface in order to give them updates as to how the casualty was doing and how the team was progressing - so quite busy really."

Maxine said it was overwhelming when the rescuers finally got Mr Linnane to the entrance of the cave.

She said: "I had moments when I was able to hold his hand, talk to him and it was quite special to feel him squeeze my hand and know that he knew we were there for him.

"That feeling of relief when he came out of through the entrance and was handed over to the next team to take him to hospital."

Following the recue, George's mother, Sally Linnane-Hemmens, has begun crowd funding to honour the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team and the number of people who helped during the mission.

The organisation has said it has been humbled by the support it has received.

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