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From pioneering skaters to hardcore punk singers and free-spirited rapper JOEJAS releases the latest visual component for "SALLY'S LAST DANCE"

JoeJas is a UK-based abstract indie Hip hop artist with a real character who also goes under the music producer name of, HairyMuffinMan.

JoeJas knows that passive music listeners likely won’t take too much interest in someone shouting at them about llamas and Capri-Sun pouches — those aren’t the people he’s making music for.

“When you make music that (is more experimental or abstract), you’re making it for a group of people who are really into music,” JoeJas said in an interview with the CU Independent. “So when you’re putting it out, you’re going to get a lot of people who just don’t get it. You’ve just got to know that what you make is super sick for you.”

JoeJas believes staying true to his musical style is more important than aspiring for wealth and fame, like many big name rappers, including Lil Pump and Lil Xan, have done. Instead, he wants to create an intimate community of fans that appreciate and resonate with his music, no matter how weird or radical.

“I want to grow a community [rather than be mega-famous],” he said. “Growing a community helps you and other people. I try to be as human as possible because I’m not crazy famous. Even if I was, I don’t want it to be weird for people.”

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