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L I M – 'BUBU' {Official Video}

Milan-based artist L I M and Italian director Giada Bossi tell a “coming of age” story about body and identity.

The video for L I M’s ‘BUBU’, directed by Giada Bossi, the protagonist levitates from the bedroom to the club in a surreal narrative. The song’s house beat initially mimics a muffled heartbeat before the stillness erupts into a joyous club track just as the scene shifts to the dancefloor.

The music video ends back in the bedroom after an explosive psychedelic transitions that leaves the viewer wondering whether what transpired was dream or reality.

The album was written alongside L I M’s longtime friend and collaborator Stefano Riva. “We worked for two years and a half about this glittering revelation, we choose to unfold the journey of discovery, my identity and the collective experience linked to it,” L I M states

“I decided to fully embracing my identity and body and to everyone who can relate to this process I send you all my unconditionally love and support.”

The video was directed by Giada Bossi, an Italian director whose approach combines storytelling with an aesthetic approach to documentary and narrative. “It is an ode to transformation, a current “coming of age” story about self-discovery and embracement, about body and identity, talking about L I M and many others going through the same path,” Giada Bossi says of the video’s concept.

“Dreams and reality merge, in a journey that has to face others: it is just through the support of people around, that the protagonist dives into himself to embrace his essence.”

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