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PASSING THE BATON : New Cross Fire Memorial

PASS THE BATON is the concert in benefit of the victims of The New Cross Fire. Exactly 40 years on from the original benefit back in 1981, 3G Treatment is working in partnership with Goldsmiths to bring back some of the original performers, as well as some exceptionally talented artists contributing their performance to the cause.

PASS THE BATON is our benefit music event happening online May 23rd 2021. The event starts at 2PM so subscribe to our YouTube channel now to book a reminder!

This event is the same date as the original benefit held in 1981 at the Lewisham Theatre for the tragedy. This time 3G Treatment are delighted to be in partnership with Goldsmiths University to bring you something quite special.

Expect a diverse evening hosted by Indigoochild featuring some of the original contributing performers, plus loads of new exciting artists showcasing their talent! We have live performances from Eddie Capone himself, Jimmy Lindsay, DJ Barry King, Lorna Marshall, Jenny Isidore, Adrian Duke Reid, Jessica Lee Morgan, Ashley Cox, GregG Kofi Brown, Kocoa Brown, David Rollins. Alongside extras tuning in with us including Sons Of Viljems, Junior Giscombe, Lee John.

We keep the theme of youth, hope, and victory throughout the event and remember 3 generations as we only just begin to pass the baton: giving power back into the communities hands to begin to create and grow together again.

DONATE and support our mission to raise funds in memory of the 14 young people who lost their lives in the New Cross fire in January 1981. The purpose of the event is to raise one million pounds to create an Arts and Culture centre as a lasting memorial for the victims and their loved ones. To this day, the cause of the devastating fire remains unknown.

3G Treatment, founded in 1982 by Eddie Capone, is a concept project, focussing on the development of new music and production. What makes us unique is not only do we champion collaboration between different multidisciplinary artists, but we bring together three generations of people to establish life-long connections within local communities. Because of this, we ensure younger artists are nurtured by the expertise and experience of their elders to ensure successful careers.

As well as being a record label, a source of distribution and publication for artists, 3G has also hosted various events with a global impact. Our collective has performed at prestigious venues such as Upstairs at The Ritzy, Brixton, as well as The Amersham Arms and The New Cross Inn in the borough of Lewisham. Furthermore, our online presence has hit audiences in every continent on the globe in more recent projects such as PRS Presents: Windrush Generation Trickle Down

'To me it isn’t about the exposure, or having lots of music released, I cherish the opportunity of the platform to create… To be a part of an innovative and supportive community, surrounded by like-minded souls is so rewarding and motivating for me.’

Rita Faria, 25 (2021)

3G Treatment are in full support of Eddie Capone’s Charity Walk commencing the 1st April; To raise a deeper awareness of the New Cross Fire (January 1981) and to raise funds for an Arts and Cultural Centre, as a lasting memorial to those young people who lost their lives within the borough. To members of the 3G Collective who were not born at the time of this disaster, this would mean securing a hub for our continued practice and impression. ‘13 dead and nothing said’ was the coined phrase to express the tragic sadness and frustration the community had, towards the authorities' negligence of the lives lost. Today, we will never know the potential of those people and who they could have become. But we can remember, and give appreciation to the whole community, including young people, to make sure something like this would never happen again.

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