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PRS Presents Windrush Generation Trickle Down

On 22nd October 2020, as part of PRS Presents Black History Month, a snippet of the documentary to come PRS Presents Windrush Generation Trickle Down, directed by 3G Treatment was showcased. But we were left wanting more!

To end Black History month we have since seen the anticipated release of PRS Presents Windrush Generation Trickle Down, which you can watch in full HERE. As well as the recent release of new single we're calling the anthem of the year, Trickle Down by Eddie Capone.

The events arise in light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement and protests in America and worldwide. Eddie dedicated this track to the lives globally affected by police brutality, and suffering communities under the hold of Coronavirus.

As part of the documentary, Eddie Capone worked with 3G Members S.B.O on the production of the new single. Together with CHUXIV and Callum Lawrence on the development and direction of the documentary and additionally the studio performance of Trickle Down, which you must see!

We cannot thank PRS For Music enough, for giving founder Eddie Capone and 3G Treatment members the chance to work on such an inspiring project that we hope many enjoy! We are so grateful to be featured in M Magazine also.

To continue our achievements we will also be releasing the lyric video and official music video to the new track in the future.

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