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Royals Meet Community At Vauxhall City Farm

On the 1st October 2020, the Earl and Countess of Wessex meet with various school children, volunteers, staff and local people in the community to kickstart Black History Month at Vauxhall City Farm.

The innovation of new activities, based around Black History Month was aimed at sharing education to local schools and young people. Stories and poems were spoken from both pupils and teachers in remembrance and celebration of important figures in black history. Their Royal Highnesses also met with the New Shoots programme, which has an incredible mission furthering young people to gain new skills and knowledge to gain employment.

Founder of 3G Treatment, Eddie Capone met Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex on this occasion to see the flourishing new community engagement programmes in full flow. Eddie said he wholesomely enjoyed the community spirited day, community being one of the focusses of Eddie's work, particularly with the arts and music.

Their Royal Highnesses meet Eddie Capone, founder of 3G Treatment

Children of the Lillian Baylis school were also greeted by Their Royal Highnesses for their project on the Windrush Generation. This is enlightening to see such a pressing topic being explored by young people. Similarly at this time 3G Treatment were working on PRS Presents Windrush Generation Trickle Down in accordance with PRS Black History Month events. As well as the debut of Eddie's single Trickle Down.

In celebration, Their Royal Highnesses planted two chilli pepper plants as well as presenting a plaque to commemorate their visit.

Read the full article for more information on Vauxhall City Farm website.

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