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Son Lux — "Plans We Made" [Official Video - Extended Cut]

Son Lux — "Plans We Made" [Official Video - Extended Cut]

Plans We Made” is the first single of an ambitious, three-volume album from Son Lux called Tomorrows

“Plans We Made,” establishes the mercurial sound of Son Lux: sharp stabs cast a reverberating shudder, and string sounds lash overhead. A clock-like pulse emerges in the decay as Lott sings, “what is permanent remains, despite the plans we made.” The song's lyrics and mood grapple with inevitability, the arc of time, and the fragility of our best intentions and relationships. As stringed instruments dive and ascend in opposition, lunging and flexing like a heavy pendulum, a beat snaps and whips back in slow-motion.

The voice of guest Kadhja Bonet materializes gradually; in the end, we are left with her pulsing, wordless exhales

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