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SPACEO- Smoking Doe Feat. S.B.O

Smoking Doe is the new track being released by brother duo Spaceo and S.B.O. Kickstart your weekend in a chilled way with this innovative neo trap track. because the release is TOMORROW, Saturday the 3rd October. Out on all major music platforms!

We've had the chance to listen to the track early here at 3G and we know you are in for a treat! Listen in and let your imagination run wild with this encapsulating, spacey rhythm. 'Smoking Doe' is all about what it says on the tin! For those moments we are feeling slouched and sluggish but our minds might be taking a new perspective. S.B.O says his exploration of music this year has been fuelled by the exploration of Marijuana as a gateway vehicle for opening up the third-eye chakra.

'It's all about being high, having realisations that command raising my energy and vibration to the highest state. The lyrics relate to being in that higher vibration and sharing that energy with another soul, or in this case a Queen, an eternal love that can build the most potential from this exuberant energetic exchange.' S.B.O (2020)

3G are ecstatic members of our collective have collaborated once again to produce a quite remarkable project! S.B.O leaked the release with a snippet of the composition alongside unseen footage of what is to be the official lyric video brought to life by CHUXIV.

Behind the scenes S.B.O has been contributing as a producer for 3G's last album Evolution up until now on Eddie Capone's upcoming track 'Trickle Down'!

Check out the sneak peak HERE!

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