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The Knife Angel Arrives In Maidstone, Kent

Clive Knowles enormous sculpture from the British Ironwork Centre has arrived in Maidstone, Kent and is on display at The Lighthouse Church until October.

The body of the renowned artwork stands at 27 feet tall and is made up of over 100,000 seized knives from real crimes. It gives a very poignant message paying homage to the victims of knife crime and violence. This will be the second time installation has visited Kent.

Since December 2018 the sculpture has been touring the UK as part of a National Anti-Violence Tour Programme. This mean a month of free anti-violence workshops and educational activities alongside the statue. As well as providing the means and resources to help bring positive social change to the community.

In Maidstone 2020, there were 104 reports of knife crime which means two a week. As the local area develops and changes, it is important to teach those close to us the importance of avoiding violence and carrying harmful weapons.

The UK's knife epidemic is fast getting out of control. Visit The Knife Angel in Maidstone before its departure, remember the message it brings everyday to come.


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