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UK Black History Organisation releases fundraising record

The purpose of the Marcus Garvey Legacy Trust is to protect and promote UK Black History.

A record entitled “Land of Selassie” is being released this month. This record aims to raise funds towards the restoration of Fairfield House in Bath, the former home of Haile Selassie, His Imperial Majesty of Ethiopia.

Haile Selassie is a highly significant figure in British, African, and Caribbean history. His powerful and relevant story is little known outside of certain knowledgeable circles. This project will help place him firmly back in the pantheon of historically significant black figures in British history.

Written by Eddie Capone, the song features the amazing voice of internationally renowned singer, Roger Robin. It is a tribute to Haile Selassie as he generously left Fairfield House to the local community in gratitude for the warm welcome they gave him, as, at that time, he was an exile from war-torn Ethiopia.

Purchasing the record will help us raise funds towards the restoration of one of the most significant black history legacies we have in the UK.

The song is being released worldwide on all major platforms in order to publicise and raise funds for the restoration of Fairfield House as one of the most important legacies of black British history for future generations to come.

Release Date 21st July 2023

For information and to get involved visit

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