#WalkWithEddie 300 Miles For The Black Children Of Ukraine

Eddie Capone C.C. will be walking 300 miles throughout April to raise money to help the forgotten black and mixed race orphans in Ukraine.

Eddie Capone C.C born in Jamaica, is a veteran and musical director now living in Lewisham since the 60's. Over the winter period of 2020-2021 Eddie was suffering in hospital with Covid-19, which led to a very long rehabilitation period using an oxygen tank to help Eddie's breathing in daily life. He pushed through and recovered. Despite still not ever feeling quite the same, he has dedicated his fighting energy towards charitable causes and helping our most vulnerable.

This year he will be walking 300 miles for the second year running, throughout the month of April 2022. This is in aid of the Black African and Caribbean children in Ukraine. Covering a 10 mile route everyday through Lewisham.

Currently Black African and Caribbean refugees from Ukraine are being pushed back from the borders of neighbouring countries and are struggling to flee conflict. This includes children who have been orphaned because of the war and bombings.

Lewisham has always supported refugees and together we can raise the funds to facilitate these refugees finding safety here in the UK and connecting them to sponsors who can rehome them. We cannot abandon vulnerable children from war.