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OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS! Released two days ago and I've still got this beautiful and fluid rhythm on repeat.

SŌLAL is a French artist and producer who has been living in London for the past few years. He mostly takes his inspiration from House and Afro-Caribbean culture, as well as living in such a diverse city. This track was released at the perfect time and I'm sure many listeners will be chilling in the summer sun vibing out to this track!

Some music you can just play anywhere. This ethereal yet angelic mood pulses through the heartbeat like beat and is nothing but delightful and relaxing while keeping the energy alive. Get adding this track to your playlists and libraries now because its one you are going to want to whip out at your next gathering, or even when you get some alone time.

We've anticipated hearing the voice of Kiera-Lorelle since she blew us away with her performance at Feferity Radio presents: 3G & Friends; and you will not be disappointed by her sultry tones as alter ego Titi Rose.

Like I mentioned, the last time we saw Kiera-Lorelle she was performing tracks from her debut EP A Nonchalant Entry. Since then, throughout the lockdown period, she's been perfecting her craft as well as successfully co-founding and establishing Cinnamon Leaf, a family run fresh produce and artisan food hall in Tottenham. To see her take her musical talent in this direction makes us invigorated for the legacy this artist is building.

Titi Rose performs her vocals alongside French artist Mexemluv. With a baseline nailed down by the talented Billy Sueiro. The warm and abstract pastel artwork perfectly compliments the track, created by artist Yank with amazing photography done by Art Director Marie-Léa Pereira. I hope you enjoy this collaboration and fusion of artists as much as we do.

Go and listen to Y.D.W now!

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