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Eve-Yasmine 'The Healer'

London based singer and songwriter Eve-Yasmine has hit us with another beautiful visual that we've all been waiting for. After being teased for over a month with just the audio, we now get to see the full package of this multi-faceted artist. Especially when she lays all her (tarot) cards on the table.

Directed by Sebastian Krolak and produced by Eve herself, 'The Healer' shows the journey of a fortune teller amongst a collection of what feels like moments in a glitchy mirage and luminous visions.

This blend of Rap and RnB gives a hard edge to the sharp words Eve has to say to this male entourage. These mystic dispels are set within a smoky and warm Moroccan lounge, with the healer herself ordained in glistening gems and jewellery.

Be sure to listen to 'The Healer' out now on all music platforms. including Spotify. Follow Eve on Instagram @eveyasmine, as well as her Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok.

Watch more of Eve-Yasmine performing at 3G's latest event Redemption Festival where she gives us a more intimate performance of 'The Healer'.

Song written and performed by: Eve-Yasmine

Produced by sen.tris

Sound Engineer: S.B.O

Mixing and mastering: E11 Studios

Director: Sebastian Krolak


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