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(God Is) The Camera by NEO10Y

NEO10Y has shown the the people the 'Shortcut To World Peace', whilst recently emerging from the pandemic with their iconic performance at The Roundhouse for UK Black Pride. Consistently we are seeing an exciting and unique expression from NEO10Y and you won't be disappointed by their debut of '(God Is) The Camera'.

'(God Is) The Camera' was released the full moon of August 22nd. This beautiful production and soundscape leads us into what feels like an alternative futuristic realm, complimented with Eastern undertones from the reverberating strings. Something that in a complex array of sounds creates something quite spiritual, but driven with a powerful punch.

Soft, alluring lyrics pull us in and flow with us gently, that later transform into a more dominating, heavy tone on musical accents. We experience two alter-egos that make the track resonate sensually, with positive catchphrases we pick up right from the first listen. The track is broken up with a poetic rap that takes us on an astral journey and claims 'A deity, you want it', bringing the unconscious to life.

Were certainly are given the courage to feel self indulgent because 'the camera always wants you'. Given the title of the track we know 'the camera' refers to a higher being or God. However, the sexual connotations and metaphors throughout only paint a picture of the coined phrase 'make love to the camera'. This leaves us feeling empowered and highly stimulated to feel the best version of ourselves, embodying our inner deity.

The song is produced by SBO9 and features Tommy Khosla playing the Sitar. SBO9 is a multi-talented music entrepreneur we've been following for quite some time; being the producer for an array of artists we've had on our 3G stage! We can't wait to see a live performance of this new track from NEO10Y very soon.

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