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'The Eight Winds' by Eddie Capone

Eddie Capone CC is a military and a musical veteran. This new single 'The Eight Winds' is a post Covid project to be released September 24th. Eddie emerged from Covid with a new energy, new direction and new vision of the meaning of his life, expressed through his music. He hopes this track will draw you closer to what is to come for his upcoming album with 3G Treatment.

Introduced with a striking horn solo by Robert Juritz which gently carries us into this very dynamic reggae jam, with authentic coarse tones within the vocals, alongside a fresh rap from artist SBO9. Whilst still being an upbeat hit, this track also represents Eddie’s cultural commentary and philosophy of society; being a great single to follow from his last release Trickle Down.

The lyrical content mainly derives from Eddie’s relationship with Buddhism. The concept of the Eight Winds informs people not to be swayed by their attachment to prosperity, honour, praise, or pleasure (the four favourable winds), or by their aversion to decline, disgrace, censure, or suffering (the four adverse winds).

Eddie recently completed a 300 mile charity walk in April, which was a great challenge as he had recently come out of hospital and is still recovering from Coronavirus. With a greater mission to build the New Cross Arts and Culture Centre to honour the victims of the New Cross Fire, 1981. This track is a journey of Eddie's realisations along the path of social justice and enlightenment.

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